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Toronto Star – Marlene Habib

The healthy power of stretching

Dr. Stark who specializes in biomechanics is a saviour to a range of active individuals – from those in Avril Douglas’ high-calibre class, to recreational athletes and weekend walkers.

“The Stark Reality of Stretching” book, which includes everything from the anatomy of muscles to dissecting proper and poor stretching form, is based on Dr. Stark’s prescription for alleviating pain and promoting mobility. It focuses on spending a few minutes daily stretching properly.

Dr. Stark’s patients include adults who want to be more active but can’t because of chronic and slowly increasing problems such as knee and lower back pain. One myth he works at dispelling is that aches and pains are a given with old age. Except for those with underlying disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, any chronic inflammation and pain in muscles and joints is the result of how they function and not how old they are. Stretching, he says, helps correct structural and muscle imbalances in everyone - young and old alike!

Dr Steven D. Stark - Podiatry, Orthotics, Sports Medicine - Vancouver, White Rock