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Calgary Herald - Susan Scott

Author exposes the dangers of some well-known and often-used stretches.

The book “The Stark Reality of Stretching” is carefully structured so that each chapter lays the basis for understanding the next. It is therefore not a surprise to the reader that in the stretching chapters several of the common movements have big X’s slashed through them. Dr Stark admits that most books on the market do not address the science of stretching…they merely promote outworn theories. He insists we all need to become more current.

Dr. Stark suggests that we should not stretch connective tissues such as ligaments tendons and fascia because they are made from two kinds of fibres: non-elastic collagenous fibres and a much smaller proportion of elastin fibres, which do not stretch. One area where particular care must be taken is stretching the piriformis muscle in the hip because the sciatic nerve braches pass through it leading to the pudendal nerve. Incorrect stretching in this area can lead to loss of bladder control, bowel function, and even sexual dysfunction. Julie Moylan, director of Bankers Hall & Bow Valley Physiotherapy clinics agrees! The good news is that the book details how to isolate muscles and properly stretch them.

Dr Steven D. Stark - Podiatry, Orthotics, Sports Medicine - Vancouver, White Rock