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Daytime Break-In Period:

The initial “Break-In” period, (for those who have never worn orthotics), is approximately 3 weeks but can take longer.
It is necessary for soft tissue adaptation to occur gradually.  This will prevent potential overuse symptoms of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that are now functioning at new angles.

We recommend wearing your new orthotics 2 to 3 hours the first day, then adding 1 to 2 hours each subsequent day.  These times will vary per individual.  Wear them only to tolerance and do not overdo it, bearing in mind that there should be a gradual increase daily.

You may experience morning stiffness & joint tightness during the first month of your break-in period.  This is normal, transitory and will subside.  However, if you experience new joint pain, which continues to increase for more than three days, discuss these symptoms with the doctor.

Evening Break-In Period:

Buy a sturdy slip-on shoe or slide with a removable insole to accommodate your orthotics.  Designate this shoe as a “house shoe”.  Wear your orthotics at all times when indoors.  There is no break-in period for house shoes – wear them full time.

Do not wear your new orthotics while running or participating in any sport activity until you are tolerating them all day during normal activity levels.  The added stress of increased activity too soon may require an additional “Break-in” period.  Be conservative and patient in order to avoid any undue stress.

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