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Dr Steven D. Stark - Orthotics, Podiatry, Sports Medicine in Vancouver, White Rock

Dr. Steven D. Stark Podiatric Corp.

Suite 111 - 1959 152nd. St, Surrey, BC Canada V4A 9E3

Phone: (604) 541-7666

Fax: (604) 541-7633

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Dr. Stark welcomes new patients to his Clinic. If you live out of town or are unable
to travel to the Clinic, please contact the doctor's staff to schedule an email or
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Great foot, wrong century!

The human foot has 107 small ligaments holding 28 bones and 33 joints together.Our ancestors spent over 500,000 years running barefoot on uneven surfa...


How long do Orthotics last?

The Orthotics shell (the arch) should last approximately 3-5 years with normal wear & tear. The top covers can be upgraded at anytime. The forefoot po...


Why do people shrink?

People don’t shrink as they age, they compensate.  Everyone’s posture changes as they age because of the loss of ligament integrity i...

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