Dr. Steven D. Stark's professional career has been marked by repeatedly breaking new ground in the field of sports medicine and biomechanics!

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Great foot, wrong century!

The human foot has 107 small ligaments holding 28 bones and 33 joints together.Our ancestors spent over 500,000 years running barefoot on uneven surfa...


How long do Orthotics last?

The Orthotics shell (the arch) should last approximately 3-5 years with normal wear & tear. The top covers can be upgraded at anytime. The forefoot po...


Why do people shrink?

People don’t shrink as they age, they compensate.  Everyone’s posture changes as they age because of the loss of ligament integrity i...

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Q: What is an Orthotic?
A: An orthotic is a precision made podiatric appliance designed to externally support the bones of the foot in the position needed for proper function...

Q: Are you wearing an Arch Support or an Orthotic?
A: Arch Supports can be bought in most drugstores, shopping center retail stores, or from non-medical persons and technicians. They are a mass produced product with added modifications. They are not a medical device and they are not custom made by a licensed doctor.

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